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Professional Strength CBD for the Rest of Us


Superior performance is our standard

Workman’s Relief is a professional strength CBD product that refuses to sacrifice quality. Born from an idea that alternative health products should be accessible to all, we set out on a mission to break the CBD market trends of low-performing, low-potency, and over priced products. Take a look and see if you agree.

Ultimately, our advantage is simple: control of every batch from start to finish. 

  • Ingredients grown with the most tried and true farmers around. 
  • Products formulated to hit hard, because a first impression is all you have. 
  • Finally, operate under the expectation that doing it right the first time is what you demand.

Our mission is to make premium CBD accessible to the men and women of the working class. This is the way it should be. This is the Workman’s Way.

CBD Repair Harley

We Believe in Work

At Workman’s Relief we believe Work is fundamental, grounding, and a major source of the good in the world.

The Truth About CBD

What does CBD Do? Does CBD show up on drug tests? Is CBD Oil legal?

Quality And Affordability

We prioritized affordability AND exceeded the industry standard with USDA Certified Organic CBD oil.

More than a Brand

Your purchases support our mission to revitalize agriculture utilizing hemp as a centerpiece to a renewable future.

Accessible By All

CBD Shops near me

Check out our partner location page, which shows you where to buy CBD oil as well as other Workman’s Relief products from local stores.