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CBD Products For the Rest of Us


The very best, all-natural solution, made from the finest-grade hemp, and processed with craftsman-like care within miles of where it’s grown in the ‘hemp heartland’ of Wisconsin’s Driftless region.



The essential workers of the world don’t have the luxury of having an ‘off day’ either physically or mentally. Workman’s Relief is all about helping keep such workers fit and ready for whatever the job throws at them, using all the natural qualities the super-botanical hemp can provide.

Workman’s Relief is a brand brought to you by the team at Driftless Extracts. Driftless was founded by a group of working class folks who decided it was time for a dose of Midwestern quality CBD.

When you choose Workman’s Relief, your customers get the finest USDA certified organic hemp extract born directly in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region. Produced with unparalleled transparency, quality, and potency by hard working class folks.

Workman’s Relief is for those who need professional quality, no-excuses solutions for the physical challenges of blue-collar work, but don’t want to sacrifice hard-earned wages.

We Believe In Work

At Workman’s Relief we believe Work is fundamental, grounding, and a major source of the good in the world.

We believe all people are searching for meaning, and we believe Work is vital to discovering that meaning. Work paves the way to achieving every form of fulfillment, well-being, and personal growth.

Work is diverse and extends through every aspect of life – whether it be on the job, in the backyard, in the gym or at a community event. Defining Work comes down to: being willing to put in the time, using plenty of Elbow Grease, and knowing that progress without Work is significantly less meaningful.

Work generates the pride that then results in the successful production of crops, cars, roads, material goods, organizations, and – most of all – humans.

Work is required for enhancing family relationships and committing to participation in faith, art, a movement, or service to others.

Our products were built through Work to help Workmen better themselves, which allows them to better their own corners of the world.

And were damn proud of it.

At Workman’s Relief we believe in Work and the Workmen that make the difference. Check out our spotlight on Workmen.

More Than a Brand

Workman’s Relief is much More than a Brand and every time customers purchase our products, they are directly participating in our mission to revitalize agriculture utilizing hemp as the centerpiece to a renewable future.

Fully leveraging the

benefits of hemp

requires the creation of a new hemp industry in the United States, capable of producing renewable materials needed for vehicles composites, home-building products, and plastic alternatives. Given the magnitude of that vision, a long-term strategy, research and development, and significant capital is required.

In pursuit of this goal, we founded Driftless Extracts. Driftless Extracts is a hemp-farming and -processing company that forms the basis of our understanding of the hemp plant, its processing requirements, and our journey to

sustainable agriculture

and manufacturing. To date we have processed more than 1.5 million pounds of hemp.

We also support a not-for-profit, The Natural Materials Technology Accelerator with the goals of leverage public-private partnerships for the research and development needed to create a new hemp industry.

Lastly, to support our goals of developing sustainable agriculture and utilizing hemp products in manufacturing, we created Workman’s Relief.

Workman’s Relief is a product line, which provides both great benefit to it users (professional strength CBD wellness products at reasonable prices) and a long-term revenue stream that will support our ultimate goal of revitalizing agriculture utilizing hemp as the centerpiece to a renewable future.

To read more about our ultimate objective please see the More than a Brand section of the CBD Trade School.

Quality vs Affordability

Ever wonder why CBD is so expensive? Well, it comes down to producer priorities. Here at Workman’s Relief, we prioritize affordability while still exceeding the industry standard of quality with USDA-certified organic CBD oil. We made both quality and affordability equal priorities to drive our brand toward long-term stability and to fuel our vision of utilizing hemp as the centerpiece to a renewable future.

We accomplished fair and sensible CBD pricing by staying true to our values. We slogged through the Daily Grind to cost effectively produce products, executing the entire process from field to shelf with a small internal team. We built out the infrastructure to farm, process, produce, sell, white label, and distribute our products with minimal outsourcing -less hands in the pie – and we have the dirt under our fingernails to prove it.

We believe in passing on the savings generated from these efforts to our customers.

As an example, our organic CBD oil tincture is both broad spectrum and USDA-certified organic. This combination is extremely unique in the marketplace and very beneficial to the customer.

As background, there are three main types of hemp extract: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. The main differentiating factor between extract types is the compounds they contain.

  • Full spectrum extract contains multiple cannabinoid compounds (mostly CBD), along with low levels – less than 0.3% — of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.
  • Broad spectrum extract is similar to full spectrum in having multiple cannabinoid compounds (mostly CBD); however, the majority of the THC has been removed.
  • Isolate contains only CBD without any other cannabinoid compounds or THC.

The most beneficial types of hemp extract are thought to be broad spectrum and full spectrum due to the “entourage effect” which alludes to CBD working more effectively in combination with other cannabinoid compounds. Because isolate doesn’t contain any of these other compounds, it is thought to be the least effective of the three.

Because our products are USDA-certified organic, we do not have the option to utilize cheap isolate in our formulation, as isolate is produced utilizing harsh non-organic chemicals.

The natural spectrum of cannabinoids in our product comes straight out of the plants we tended and harvested ourselves. Even with quality exceeding the industry standard, our tincture remains the most cost-effective CBD product on the market.

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Our sustainable farms deliver the highest quality of USDA Certified Organic hemp. We use no pesticides, herbicides, solvents and chemical fertilizers. 


Each batch is tested individually for potency, purity, and safety.  You can rest assured that you are purchasing the highest quality, premium CBD available.  


Including organic, vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, wheat free, peanut free. ingredients – everything is carefully chosen for effectiveness.


We deliver the most potent product at an affordable price to hard working men and women in America. 


Have a question about shipping or ingredients of our products?  If you would like to learn more about the effects of CBD, visit our FAQs section. 


Workman’s Relief has teamed up with Brewhaha Roasters to produce a CBD infused coffee blend specially crafted for essential workers.