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While we wholeheartedly believe in Work, we also understand the constant stress Workmen are under to deliver. That stress often negatively affects their bodies and well-beings, making it difficult to maintain impactful lives.

Between the physical and mental grind of the working week, the unruly shrieks of disobedient children, and discovering that peeling paint often leads to water damage, there isn’t a lot of space to unwind and recover.

These are everyday stressors, which are often the source of irritability and cause a general lack of well-being. What’s worse, they can even impact productivity, which is required to accomplish a hard day’s Work.

Currently, the U.S. healthcare system is not exactly catering to the needs of Workmen. The average cost of 15 minutes of face-time with a doctor exceeds $100 and requires nearly two hours out of the workday to complete. No wonder the average American has more than $100,000 of debt.

Simply put, Workmen are in need of straightforward, effective, and affordable relief; relief that allows them to maintain their workloads and positive presences at home.

Unfortunately, the U.S. healthcare system isn’t cutting it.  That’s where we come in.

Our products are created to provide professional strength at affordable prices. At about $1 per day and 1 cent per milligram CBD, it’s a challenge to find a more cost-effective CBD product on the current market.

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