Who is a Workman?

You know one when you see their results.
  • An intact joint on a well-worn kitchen table
  • A productive garden amid concrete and steel
  • The smooth flow of traffic on an elevated interchange
  • An organized Little League team and a treehouse in the backyard
  • Comfortable livestock on a frigid winter day
  • A mint condition 1970 Ford Pinto
  • An immaculate firehouse
  • A well-attended church picnic or community program
  • A life repaired after tragedy or addiction

How many work hours in a year?

The standard answer might be 2,080 – calculated from working 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year. But Workmen know that to be impactful on all fronts of life, many more than the general 2,080 will be required – even if it’s at the cost of their bodies and peace of mind. At Workman’s Relief we believe in Work, and we know a few workmen that are making a difference.

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