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CBD Store Near Me Selling Workmans Relief

[Angie] Family run business since the seventies. I started here in ’99 with my folks and kind of grown the whole hardware business since then. I love it. You know, it’s fixing things for people.

[Narrator] Today we’re putting the spotlight on one of our retail partners. So our customers know where to buy CBD. Ederer’s Do It Best is an independent hardware and grocery store. Angie Ederer has owned and operated the store for the last 21 years.

– As far as knowing our customer’s first names, 90%. And I would say that probably applies to all three stores. It’s rare actually when we get somebody in here that we don’t know. Rural people that work hard every day, I say are our customer base and then homeowners, people that have their own place and working in the yard and have pets and animals and fencing. And yeah, just we kind of run the gamut. Prior to carrying Workman’s Relief I didn’t have any CBD products. Buy back is huge. I mean, obviously if you can set it on your shelf and know that if it doesn’t move, you can get out from underneath that purchase, that’s, that’s great. I mean, I, from my perspective as a retailer that’s huge. Nowadays there’s not very many companies that are willing to take back something that doesn’t move. Workman’s Relief, it’s just easy to sell. It displays nicely. There’s marketing behind it. It makes me money, which is the most important thing. Easy to order, the staff is great to work with. You know, people come in and are looking for it. All three stores sell it. Yeah, it’s an, it’s an easy product to sell. Marketing for Workman’s Relief is a little different. I feel like it speaks to my customer, people that work, you know, all day, every day have aches and pains. They go home at night and they want to put their feet up and this makes them feel better the next morning. So I feel like there, all the marketing is more geared toward my customer base and the kind of customers that shop here. It’s a lot of repeat buys. So clearly customers are liking the product, they feel like it works. You know, I haven’t had any complaints at all about it. And lots of repeat sales. CBD is very prevalent on the market. And I mean you could feed it to your pet even. So, no, I, for me personally and for my customer base, clearly, there’s, there’s not a stigma attached to that. Repeat sales are great. I mean, I’m ordering cases almost weekly. Just distribute between the three stores and just a lot of people walking in and literally that might be the only thing they buy is CBD oil. So it’s moving. Yeah. And I sell booze and groceries in here. So for them to only get that is kind of impressive. The footprint is small, which is nice when you’re talking about retail space and yeah, when, when something just turns and it pays for its space as a retailer that’s, that’s what you want. Yeah. I don’t have any other CBD brands in here. I feel like this is filling the need in the community and in my customer base.

[Narrator] Go to and click on the where to buy tab to find a CBD store near you.

Workman’s Relief is CBD for the rest of us.

At Workman’s Relief it is our goal to provide working men and women across the country access to high quality, reasonably priced CBD. We strongly believe in partnering with shops/stores to provide local purchasing options for customers. If you are looking for “CBD shops near me”, please visit our website regularly, as we are adding to our partners list daily. Your next search of “where to buy CBD oil” may turn up a Workman’s Relief option in your backyard.

Check out our video series coming soon on shop/store owners across the country, who are providing Workman’s Relief products as part of their lineup of CBD oil for sale.